Aqua Fit Ball – Large


Aqua Fit Ball – Large


The Aquafit balls are the most diverse pieces of exercise equipment we have ever come across. We have tried performing basic Kettlebell exercises such as the swing or the Turkish get-up and were astonished at how just a little water can really test your patience and give you 3 times the workout in just half the time!

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Do you want a huge variety of exercises without tons of equipment and the high cost? You might want to consider the Aquafit Ball. It will retire a medicine ball collection completely, make a stack of weights feel like clutter and turbocharge your workout. Why? Water. It’s the water inside an Aquafit Ball that will make it the most turbulent piece of exercise equipment you have ever encountered…. Period.

Aquafit Balls are water-filled reinforced vinyl joined and sealed using the same materials and technology for building white-water rafts that allow you to perform 100’s of exercises from kettlebell exercises to strongman lifts. It’s the water that makes the Aquafit ball move erratically. It’ll challenge every muscle in your body while testing every bit of your concentration. If you lose focus for a second the Aquafit Ball becomes an untamed monster so you’re forced to lift correctly through your whole body or you won’t be able to control it.

• Stone Lifts
• Kettlebell swings
• Strong Man Carry’s
• Kettlebell Turkish Get-up
• Bear Hugs
• Goblet Squat
• Shouldering Drills
• Power Cleans
• And 100’s more!

Aquafit Balls are an effective way of engaging every muscle in your body. These tasks normally require a room full of heavy expensive equipment but with Aquafit by Movement 360, you simply add water to adjust the weight, inflate with the pump and then empty it again for travel.
So if you’re not quite ready to tackle the World’s Strongest Man exercises but want serious gains in overall strength, mobility, neuro-connectivity and fitness, then the Aquafit Ball is your ideal training tool.

And don’t worry about the occasional drop. It won’t break as the cushion of air easily absorbs the impact so you won’t damage the floor or your body. Aquafit Balls come in three sizes and a pump is included with purchase:

Small – up to 24 pounds 
 Medium – up to 70 pounds 
 Large – up to 115 pounds


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