Aqua Fit Bag – Small


Aqua Fit Bag – Small


Aquafit Bags are soft and forgiving, making Olympic and strong man type lifts far more accessible to the average lifter. Softness aside, your favorite lifts just got a lot harder with a water filled bag that has a fairly mischievous mind of its own.

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The Aquafit bag is the ultimate in unstable training that will test your core and then strengthen your weakest spots.

To understand the the Aquafit Bag simply roll it across the floor and watch it move. You’ll observe the Aquafitbag pitching and rocking at varying speeds in different directions based on the movement of the water inside. That pitching and rocking is a good way to picture the kind of active resistance the Aquafit Bag forces you to contend with.

Most devices used for core training, such as Swiss Balls, medicine balls and sand-filled products, exert forces that are linear and really don’t compare to real athletic demand. Aquafit Bags, however, exert turbulent forces upon the user that conditions the body in every conceivable direction conditioning you for almost any athletic demand.

The Aquafit Bag comes with both vertical and horizontal handles to allow for both styles of grip. The Aquafit Bags are made from thick, super-durable vinyl; joined and sealed using the same technology for building white-water rafts.

Exercises that can be performed with the Aqua Bag:

Squats, lunges, zercher squats, step-ups, Bulgarian squats, fireman’s carry, rows, military presses, clean and jerks, snatches, swings, curls, French press, and many more…


  • 75cm long x up to 78cm circumference
  • Two handle positions
  • Small Green Min 5Lbs – Max 40Lbs
  • Med. Red Min 5Lbs – Max 58Lbs
  • Large Blue Min 5Lbs – Max 72Lbs


Pump included


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