PDS training program

I’m putting the finishing touches on a two day certification PDS training program that stems from several chapters in my upcoming book, The Fitness Fallacy. The certification program qualifies graduates to work with clients who have PDS, Pelvic Displacement Syndrome. PDS is a syndrome affecting as much as 85% of modern humans resulting in a long list of structural issues creating pain and breakdown in almost every joint and muscle in the body. Graduates benefit from being able to detect and address PDS, its secondary symptoms, and relieve areas of stubborn long term pain. In keeping with the movement360 philosophy, the certification program teaches a hands off approach where the PDS client is empowered to reverse their own structural issues.

This two day certification program is designed for doctors including chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, as well as approved personal trainers. Included in the two day certification is a year’s membership listing and profile at pelvicdisplacementsyndrome.com where clients can search for a certified graduate nearest them. Membership includes access to the PDS symptom database with chat rooms and member monitored and maintained Wikipedia style information pages with the latest cutting edge information.

More than anything graduates will be able to do what I have done for clients, which is to address the source and, many times, stop long term pain in clients knees, hips, SI joints, lower back, mid back, upper back, shoulders and neck. What if you were the first person to be able to provide real long term relief to your clients? Would that be a certification worth having?

This and more is coming soon: The Fitness Fallacy, Instructional eBooks, and of course more fun and functional M360 exercise “equipment.” Till next time…


David Wargo

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