The Journey

The Journey: Last weekend Holly, our friend Debbie, and I met some of the nicest folks at the 2014 Barnyard Brawl held by Big Barn CrossFit of Albuquerque. This was not only the first event Movement360 sponsored, but it was also the first CrossFit event any of us had been to. Wow! The Big Barn CrossFit gym is huge and filled with the best equipment and they did an incredible job of hosting 250 competitors with another 500 spectators cheering their favorite athletes on. The energy of the event was incredible; I’m hooked and can’t wait for Boxtoberfest held by Black Box Fitness in Albuquerque.

The Barnyard Brawl was an important event for us at Movement360 because here at Movement360 we use and sell fitness equipment that’s so innovative and new that nobody knows what it is or what to do with it. The Barnyard Brawl was a perfect event to debut our Aquafit balls and bags which are made for us by a white water raft company. These balls and bags are made of tough vinyl with the same filling spout used in inflatable boats and rafts. Even so, the people who came by our tent thought the products were full of air or sand but never guessed they were full of water. Everyone who picked up the products loved them! We sold quite a few balls and bags to gym owners and regular folks alike and are seeing orders trickle in from people who stopped by our tent so we couldn’t be happier.

The biggest surprise was how attracted kids were to the Aquafit balls and bags making our tent look like a daycare much of the day. We had kids literally dragging their parents back to the tent to see our products and play with them themselves. We could not help but smile as the kids rolled on top of the products, did overhead squats, lifts, throws and competed with each other while obviously mimicking their parents’ Crossfit moves. It was priceless.

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