How to Inflate Aqua Fit Products

Aquafit Bags and Aquafit Balls come in three sizes which pre-determines how much water you can fill them with and therefore how heavy they will become.

This is not a set weight as you can constantly adjust the water levels thus creating a very versatile training tool.

The more water you add to your Aquafit Bag or Aquafit Ball the heavier and less unstable it becomes. The less water you add, the lighter yet more unstable the bag or ball becomes.

Aquafit Bag/Aquafit Ball will be. Min / max weights are as follows:

Aquafit Bags

Small Green Min 5Lbs – Max 40Lbs

Med. Red Min 5Lbs – Max 58Lbs

Large Blue Min 5Lbs – Max 72Lbs

Aquafit Balls

Small Green Min 5Lbs – Max 25Lbs

Med. Blue Min 5Lbs – Max 64Lbs

Large Red Min 5Lbs – Max 115Lbs

User Guidelines

1. When unpacked, check your bag/ball for

any rips tears or manufacturing faults. Return immediately if unsatisfied

2. The valve on bag/ball has 2 settings

3. Fully on – press and turn valve head clockwise until it stays set in the down position – this allows for continuous fill

4. Fully off – press and turn valve counter-clockwise until valve head pops back up into starting position – this prevents air/water from escaping valve

5. To fill with water, turn valve to open position a. and hold under tap or use hose to fill to desired level.

6. To inflate the bag/ball after you have filled it with water, set the valve to closed position while using the travel mouthpiece or the hand pump to inflate.

7. When your Aquafit Bag is ready lay the handles down on the floor with handles facing the floor and fasten the straps..

Care and maintenance of Aquafit Bags & Aquafit Ball:

It is not advised to fill your bag/ball to its maximum water level as this could compromise the longevity of the build quality

Only use clean water in Aquafit bags and balls. Exposing Aquafit Bags or balls to direct sunlight on hot days or exposing aqua fit balls and bags to freezing temperatures may compromise the products integrity.

It’s advisable to only inflate the bag/ball to about 95% so that if dropped there is a small amount of shock absorbance.

Although Aqua Bags and Slosh Balls are built tough, it is not recommended to drop, slam or throw your bag/ball as this may cause damage especially at heavier weights.

Always keep your bag/ball clean using only water and a soft cloth.

If unused for long periods, check air levels to prevent slipping of the handles.